World Media Trends: Mobile - 22 Jul 2016

Table of content - World Media Trends: Mobile (22 Jul 2016)

There will be much more to come this year.
Welcome to our third FIPP World Media Trends special report.
Topics for the year are:
All the news that grips, we print
The mobile-first strategy
Honey, I shrunk the screen
Breaking content into atoms
Mobile vs. PC Internet time spent, 2014
Global trends in smartphones
Global mobile share of Web traffic, 2009-2015
The Washington Post’s hallmark of innovation: Mobile first
The Post’s innovation strategy
Smartphone ownership by region, country and demographics
BBC’s Good Food magazine
Time spent on Internet, by device
Global share of Web traffic, by device
Global share of Web traffic on mobile, by country
Mobile broadband usage, by country
Devices used as ‘second screens’ globally
Share of time spent on Internet, by device
Devices used to access Internet globally
Global mobile ownership, by region
Countries where mobiles are preferred over laptops
Countries where laptops are preferred over mobiles
Time spent on Internet, by age
Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones
How adding mobile share buttons increased shares by 25 percent
Internet activities, by device
Global mobile pre-pay vs. post-pay service
Spotlight on the United States
U.S. Internet use across platforms
U.S. device usage during times of day
Growth in mobile-exclusive audience for newspaper digital content by age and gender
U.S. top sites: Total traffic and browser vs. app access
Global app usage, by category
U.S. mobile vs. desktop time spent
U.S. mobile, desktop usage
U.S. mobile app downloads
Apps accessed by Millennials
U.S. mobile app engagement
Share of time spent on apps by U.S. users
Top 25 most popular mobile apps in U.S.
Device brands
Digital device trends
Countries where laptops are preferred over mobile
Digital devices owned by Millennials
Global wristband and smartphone use
Interest in using the Apple Watch
Interest in the Apple Watch in the UK/US
Interest in the Apple Watch and the Apple brand
Mobile revenue
Share of global adspend by medium (%)
Contribution to global growth in adspend by medium
China’s mobile adspend, 2009 to 2017
Mexico’s mobile adspend, 2010 to 2017
Paid content
United Kingdom
Online content Millennials pay for
UK's mobile adspend, 2011 to 2017
People Magazine’s future belongs to digital
U.S. m-commerce: Tablet vs. smartphone
U.S. mobile, desktop e-commerce
The atomisation of stories

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