World Media Trends: Social Media - 22 Jul 2016

Table of content - World Media Trends: Social Media (22 Jul 2016)

There will be much more to come this year.
Welcome to our second FIPP World Media Trends special report.
Topics for the year are:
Global digital landscape and year-on-year growth
Search vs. social media referrals to publisher websites
Top traffic referral sources, 2013 vs. 2014
Facebook and Snapchat deals with publishers
Snapchat’s Discover
What do media companies have to gain, and what do they risk losing?
Spotlight on Cosmopolitan
Trends in global social media usage
News users’ access points
Highest ranking U.S. publishers among social media networks
Popularity and virality on social media
Highest ranking publishers among social media referrals
Top news-sharing nations
Top social media networks
Distribution of articles shared on social media, by publisher
Global top social networks
Top 4 global social networks
Top social network platforms, by country
Top Twitter activities
Top Google+ activities
Active usage on fastest-growing social networks
Spotlight on Facebook
Top 10 Facebook global media brands
Average Facebook fan reach
Facebook-based video posts
Average Facebook organic reach
Visit frequency to top social networks
Time spent on social media
Global time spent on media, by type
Global time spent on social networks, 2012-2014
On Twitter
On Facebook
On Instagram
Don’t try too hard to please Twitter
How we used more images on @NYTimes
We can do it, but should we?
Avoiding the urge to “peacock” our work
When users engage our brand to criticise our journalism
The enduring primacy of news for our audience
Finding the right moments to have fun
Global online activities by share of time spent online
Global time spent on social networks, by country
Time spent on social media, by age
Active social media accounts, by region
Global online media consumption, by age
Global active mobile accounts on top social networks
Global social network use motivations
Reasons for Millennials using Internet
Social messenger apps
Global mobile Internet behaviours
Change in active use of social platforms
10 fastest growing messaging apps in 2014
Top messaging apps, by country
Global social app usage by Millennials
Social media consumption, by device
Why teens use Snapchat
Top 10 Snapchat markets among Millennials
Where Millennials have posted reviews
Global social network and micro-blogging, by device
Spotlight on Mexico
Global mobile social networker profiles
Mexico time spent on online media, by type
Spotlight on China
Growth of Instagram in Mexico
Top social networks in Mexico
Top social platforms in China
Virtual private networks to access restricted sites

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