World Media Trends: Video - 22 Jul 2016

Table of content - World Media Trends: Video (22 Jul 2016)

There will be much more to come this year.
Welcome to the our first FIPP World Media Trends special report
Topics for the year are:
Video consumption worldwide, by month
Video viewers want different content
U.S. device and service penetration growth
Global online and traditional TV use
Drivers for the growth of video
Global mobile traffic forecast, 2012-2017
Online video: A replacement for television?
Producing video at ideal length
U.S. device time spent per day
Video case studies in magazine companies
Global engagement with video, by device
Global Netflix subscribers
Global longform video consumption
Burda Intermedia
Trends in video viewing
Smartphone, tablet share of video plays
U.S. video viewing, 2012-2018, by device
Global growth of online entertainment access, 2013 to 2014
Global online entertainment activities
Types of video content watched by smartphone users
Video content genre preferences
Video case studies in newspaper companies
Types of video content viewed by U.S. users, by generation
U.S. types of video consumed online
Global video viewers, by age and gender
Monthly video viewers in BRIC countries
Video user demographics
U.S. video viewers, by device
Day in the life of U.S. video users
Global time of day video consumption
Asia Pacific video consumption
Latin American video consumption
Time-of-day video usage
Monthly video views in Latin American countries
Latin America time of day video consumption
Video viewing in Japan, by gender
Asia Pacific time of day video consumption
Online video access in Asia
Kyodo News case study
Europe, Middle East and Africa time of day video consumption
Video viewing in China, by age
Video viewing in Japan, per top media sites video case study
Weekly news video vs. text consumed, by country
Video consumption in the rest of the world
Online news users’ video preferences
News reading, viewing preferences, by country
News content formats consumed weekly, by country
Important vs. frequently watched news video
Video advertising trends
Global digital advertising units shift, 2009-2018
Video advertising fastest growing digital units
U.S. video ad spending, 2013-2018, by device
Estimated U.S. online video (CPM)
Video popularity vs. going viral
Advertising analytics
Video now study conclusions
Video in newspaper companies

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